"BraDava" priority – quality in all the branches of activity represented by the company.

“BraDava” Ltd was established in 1995, and at the beginning the company had two fishing vessels: “Bravo” and “Daugava”, whereof the company took its name “BraDava”.

At the beginning of its operation, the company was engaged only in fishery. The number of vessels in the fleet of the company “BraDava” had increased from two to eight BALTIKA-type vessels within three years; however, after assessing the profitability of the vessels, the company management started the modernization of vessel fleet and replacement of vessels in 2004, purchasing vessels of greater capacity and tonnage. In 2010 the fishing fleet was replaced fully, thus three state-of-the-art fishing vessels are currently engaged in fishing.

During its operation, the company started directing its resources towards and developing such activities as fish product processing, transport services and ship repair works by improving the company’s competitiveness and analyzing fish production markets and outlets. As “BraDava” became larger, it required an increase in qualified labor force, and during the company’s existence the number of employees has grown more than 10 times.

In the course of time the dependence on external service providers has decreased; currently the company is able to supply all the cycles of resource extraction and processing, up to delivering the finished products to the customer.

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