Freezing complex “Muiža”

  1. Fresh fish sorting and freezing in blocks and IFQ.
  2. Storage of fresh products.
  3. Cutting of fish carcasses.
  4. Fish filleting.
  5. Fish salting.
  6. Production of ice.

Transport and logistics

  1. Freight transport with refrigerated semi-trailers.
  2. Tipper services.
  3. Crane truck services.

Ship repair works

  1. Vertical docking services.
  2. Treatment of all types of metals:
    • All types of welding
    • Anti-corrosion treatment and all types of painting
    • Sandblasting services
  3. Engine repair works and replacement
  4. Electrical repair
  5. Installation, maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems.
  6. Other ship repair work services.

Car service

  1. Car body and running gear repairs
  2. Repairs of all types of engines
  3. Auto electrician services
  4. Car on-board diagnostics.